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South Jersey Drone Services is a full-service drone photography and videography company dedicated to helping you conduct your goals however possible. South Jersey Drone Services is the leading provider of professional drone services in New Jersey. We supply aerial video and photography services for real estate agents, home builders, landscapers, farmers, and many others. Contact us today to learn how we can help you capture your story.

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Drones are becoming increasingly popular for many distinct reasons. Drones have been used for years now for photography and videography purposes. However, drones are now being used for commercial applications. Our services range from aerial photography and videography to real estate inspections.


Our team of licensed pilots and technicians work to deliver the highest quality photography and video possible. We are proud of our successful history in this field, which has helped us set up our reputation as one of the most trusted drone services in South Jersey.


Experienced drone pilots at South Jersey Drone Services will deliver high-quality aerial photography for any project, large or small. We offer a variety of different pricing options based on your needs.


Awarded Rising Star and Top Drone Services, South Jersey Drone Services is the most trusted name in drone services. Remote sensing and precision agriculture, real estate and law enforcement, we can help you capture the right data with our drones.

24/7 Support

Being available to our customers 24/7 is a service that we take very seriously. Our team of experienced drone pilots and aerial imaging experts are here to support you no matter what time of day or night.


We Are Unique & Always Professional


At South Jersey Drone Services, we strive to provide the best service possible to all of our customers. We offer competitive pricing for our services, with a wide range of available options. Our group of qualified professionals will ensure that your job is completed quickly, and on budget.

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New Technology and Feature On Our Drones

We supply top of the line equipment to ensure the absolute highest quality and performance to exceed your expectations.


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